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Auto Car Wash Equipment




HCX9 car washing machine has the functions of foam system, ground injection system, high pressure full swing washing, and so on. It enhances the impact strength, rinse without leaving dead corners, and Air drying system, cleanse your customers' cars.
*Customers can set chemicals consumption automatically on touch screen according to the dirty degree of vehicles.
*Customers can add or move any single step on touch screen
Key Features
1. Intelligent unmanned systems, self-service card payment system.
2. Smart 360 technology.
3. Intelligent chemical mixing system.
4. Innovative suspension system non-resistance rails.
5. Unique embedded fast drying system.
6. Digital voice security alarm system.
7. Faulty self-checking system.
8. One key anti-frozen system


Vehicle type

Various types of cars or vans

Car wash size

5500mm (long) & times; 2200mm (wide) & times; 2000mm (high)

Machine size

3500mm (long) & times; 2200mm (wide) & times; 2900mm (high)

Installation dimension

11000mm (long) & times; 3700mm (wide) & times; 3200mm (high)

Water consumption


Car wash time

Wash 150 seconds + air-dry 120 seconds

Power capacity

AC380V Three-phase Four-wire 18KW

Air drying configuration

Strong copying air drying system, 12KW

Car washing method

Reciprocating Man-Machine Interface Operating System for Ground Track Gantry

Manufacturing materials

Frame: Structural parts galvanized and rust-proof. Panel: Galvanized plastic spray or baking varnish.

Water pump

High Pressure Pump (Joint Venture Brand)

Waterproof motor

SITI, Italy

Electrical appliance configuration

Imported Mitsubishi, Omron Japan, Schneider France, Yadek Taiwan, Taida Taiwan, Bonner Contactor Relay Transformer Leakage Switch Electrode Integrated Protector Frequency Converter Photoelectric and Proximity Sensor PLC Touch Screen Safety Protection Device Computer Fault Alarm Detection Computer Counting Body Automatic Induction Detection Photoelectric Positioning System Brush Wash Vehicle Pressure Electronic Regulating System Integrated Computer Control System

Machine configuration

Top brush a large side brush two sets of small side brush two sets of profiling air drying system built in automatic proportioning wax water film system built in automatic matching magic color foam system.


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