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HOTON Four Wheel Aligner Series


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Model: 3D Four wheel aligner- HC638D £¨Item:30638£©

Manual-track£¬maunal up and down£¬any lifter available£¬Movable£¬No installing,Double Screen


Professional, Reliable, Affordable

Measuring parameter:

Display accuracy: Range - , Accuracy 1/0.01¡ã/0.1mm

Camber: Range  ¡À 10¡ã, Accuracy  ¡À 2'

Caster: Range ¡À 20¡ã, Accuracy  ¡À 6'

K.P.I.: Range ¡À 20¡ã, Accuracy  ¡À 6'

Toe-in: Range ¡À 20¡ã, Accuracy  ¡À 2'

Set back: Range  ¡À 5¡ã, Accuracy  ¡À 2'

Thrust angle: Range  ¡À 5¡ã, Accuracy  ¡À 2'

Thread: Range  1,800mm, Accuracy  ¡À 1mm

Wheelbase: Range  3,500mm, Accuracy  ¡À 2mm

Manual-track£¬Maunal up and down,Any lifter available£¬Movable£¬No installing£¬Double screen

1, Computer calcutale four wheel alignment data through 3D digital signals, target boards fixed on 4 wheels by 2 speedy&high-accuracy digital dynamic carmeras;

2, The four target boards only have detector imagin, w/o electronic parts and connection, reduce fault greatly;

3, Only lift one time, or push the car, eccentric compensation could be achieved, improve measuring speed very much;

4, No need calibration before use, because the machines were calibrated very well before delivery;

5, 3D animation guides technicians how to adjust;

6, Steering wheel reset function ensures the steering wheel keep straight without adjusting set back or thrust angle;

7, Optional wheelbase and tread measurement fuction, technicians know the chassis condition much better;

8, Quick searching the four wheel alignment data, and upgrade database by free permanently;

9, English / Chinese version.

Packing Information:

packing material: polywood box OR carton box

strong and convenient to export transport

Main Menu

1. The name of the workshop;
2. The logo of the aligner producer;
3. Select vehicle specification;
4. Measurement menu including four wheel or two wheel alignment,chassis parameter measurement£¬and raising adjustment;
5. Adjustment Menu including rear wheel adjustment and front wheel adjustment;
6. Customer Information;
7. System Setting;
8. System Maintenance;
9. System short key including main menu, wheel alignment, data screen,rear wheel adjustment, front wheel adjustment, printer, camera viewer, screen saver, vehicle driving guidance, exit the software and help document.

System Settings

1. Unit Setting;
2. The information of the workshop
3. Multi-language selection;
4. System Information.

From this picture the technician can tell you if the cameras are working properly, if the communication between the camera and the computer is OK. It can also tell you if the target is clean by check the dots the camera have been captured. For the auto tracking aligner, in this screen, we can control the camera beam to move up and down step by step. For the more, it can also tell you the distance between the camera and the targets.

TLT830WA Big scissor lift with secondary liftUSER'S MANUAL.pdf

TLT830WA Big scissor lift with secondary liftHOTON 3D Aligner Introduction.pdf

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