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Provide Full set auto repair workshop equipment

    At present, you can buy all the equipment of auto repair from us ,we provide overall uniform quality and reliable auto repair workshop equipment and tools¡£
    The  processes of buy equipment follow : design workshop - forecast equipment&hardware tools price - Price discuss - closing the contract -  training - exports, our company provide a venue for loading the container ¡£
    We have exported 50 Standard containers, so we have the export experience,  The follow is  standard price, please adjustments the number according to actual,if you need more specific information,

case-4£ºMongolia  £ºstation successfully ended
case-3£ºI love Africa,I love Nigeria Forever
case-2£ºEquipment installation for Nigerian
case-1:Fusion Motor Repair Factory of Batam Indonesia

For standard  Level 2018
1:The Price For Car Workshop Full Set Standard

Sample£ºEquipment installation for Nigerian

For Medium  Level 2018
2:The Price For Car  workshop Full Set Medium
Sample£ºThe installation of equipment exported to Mongolia
For Senior Level !!!!!     Hot £¡£¡£¡£¡
3:The Price For Car  workshop Full set Senior   $56900

Case 1:
Fusion Motor Repair Factory of Batam Indonesia
For Auto maintenance and Quick repair !!!!!     Hot £¡£¡£¡£¡
:Auto Quickrepair & Maintenance Workshop $29000

Hot £¡£¡£¡£¡
:The Price For Bus&Heavy truck :$77000


6:The Price For Car&Bus&Truck workshop Only Need:$59000


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